Vision Consultancy

At our company we focus on communication between eyes and glasses. Video measurements of eye habits give us those parameters which, together with the dioptric values obtained, produce technically high-quality lenses.

Our motto: “The latest ophthalmic lens technology for naturally relaxed vision”.

Vision Profile

A pair of glasses is worn for 6,000 hours a year – and that over several years.

That is why it is necessary to record your seeing habits in a vision profile, in order to find the right ophthalmic lens technology for you and your glasses.

Finding the right eyeglass lenses

By means of a DNEye scan, we measure the thickness of your eyeglass lenses with accuracy to a tenth of a millimetre. After ascertaining the right ophthalmic lenses, and subsequently conducting a personal discussion with you, we can determine the lenses that will give you the most satisfactory vision in all visual ranges.